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  • What is your current service area for flower delivery and gravesite cleanings?
    We currently service gravesites in the following counties in Central Texas: Bell Bosque Coryell Ellis Falls Freestone Hill Limestone McLennan Navarro Robertson Williamson
  • What cemeteries do you service in Bell County?
    Bellwood Memorial Park Cemetery Cedar Creek Cemetery Dyess Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Greathouse Cemetery Hillcrest Cemetery Hodge Cemetery Lancaster Cemetery Little Flock Cemetery New Hope Cemetery Reeds Lake Cemetery St. Francis Episcopal Columbarium Cemetery 7 Star Cemetery Taylors Valley Cemetery Temple Mt. Zion Garden of Memories Cemetery Old Troy Cemetery Belfalls Cemetery Theo Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Bosque County?
    Clifton Cemetery Clifton Memorial Park Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Oswald Cemetery/ Old Clifton Cemetery Norse Seventh-Day Adventist Church Cemetery/ 7th Day Adventist Cemetery Bogg Cemetery St. Olaf Cemetery Flanary Cemetery Mitchell Cemetery Riverside Cemetery Spring Creek Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Hanna Cemetery Meridian Cemetery Meridian Memorial Cemetery Smith's Bend-Coon Creek Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Coryell County?
    Frost Cemetery Bethel Cemetery Coffey Cemetery Davidson Cemetery Gatesville City Cemetery Greenbriar Cemetery Hemmeline Cemetery King Smith Cemetery Masonic Cemetery Oak Grove Cemetery Odd Fellows L.O.O.F. Cemetery Restland Cemetery Slater Cemetery Post Oak Cemetery Eagle Springs Cemetery Station Creek Cemetery Seaton Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Ellis County?
    Italy Cemetery Hooser Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Falls County?
    Chilton Cemetery Lott Cemetery Garvin Cemetery Scared Heart Cemetery Calvary Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery Falls County Cemetery Hillcrest Cemetery Kirk Memorial Cemetery McClanahan Church and Cemetery New Bowman Cemetery Old Bowman Cemetery Peaceful Rest Memorial Park Cemetery Perry United Methodist Cemetery Rocky Hill Cemetery St. Paul Cemetery Shady Grove Cemetery Taylor Chapel Cemetery Washington Cemetery/ St. Paul Baptist Church Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Freestone County?
    Robert Longbotham Cemetery Blind Lemon Memorial Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Hill County?
    Prairie Grove Cemetery New Lebanon Cemetery Scotts Chapel Cemetery Billington Cemetery Valley View Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Cottonwood Cemetery Itasca Cemetery Luke Tipton Cemetery Rockwall Cemetery Mt. Calm Area Cemetery Mesquite Cemetery Mt. Calm Cemetery Tabola Cemetery Bethlehem Cemetery Ft. Graham Cemetery Neal Bones Cemetery Oak Grove Cemetery Whitney Memorial Park/ Towash Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Limestone County?
    Coolidge Cemetery Armour Cemetery Brown McGee Cemetery Capps Cemetery Cobb Cemetery Cox Cemetery Faulkenberry Cemetery Ft. Parker Memorial/ Glenwood Cemetery Hogan Cemetery Horn Hill Cemetery Hughes and Hyden Cemetery Lenamon Cemetery Lone Star Cemetery Lost Prairie Cemetery Nus Cemetery Phifer Cemetery Pippin Cemetery Roberts Cemetery Webb Chapel Cemetery Eutaw Cemetery Kosse Cemetery Kosse Cemetery Prairie Hill Cemetery Billington Cemetery Mt. Antioch Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery/ Pleasant Grove Cemetery King Cemetery McKenzie Cemetery Potter Shop Cemetery Sansom Cemetery/ Wedgman Cemetery Thorton Cemetery Tidwell Cemetery Cobb- Old Spanish Cemetery/ Cobb Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in McLennan County?
    Axtell Cemetery Olive Branch Cemetery TK Cemetery Harper Cemetery Lone Oak Cemetery Shead Cemetery/ Earle Cemetery St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery Battle Cemetery Oliver Cemetery Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery Bruceville-Moore Cemetery Cox Cemetery Eddy Cemetery Blevins Cemetery China Spring Cemetery Crawford Cemetery St. Paul Memorial Park Anderson Cemetery St. Joseph's Cemetery White Rock Cemetery Snowbird Cemetery Elm Mott Cemetery Gurley Cemetery Lorena Cemetery Lawson Cemetery Standford Chapel Cemetery Majors Chapel Cemetery Oak Grove Cemetery Christian Cemetery Mart Cemetery Douglas Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery Sawyers Hill Pavelka Cemetery Wise Cemetery McGregor Cemetery Comanche Springs Cemetery Harris Creek Cemetery Station Creek Moody Cemetery Old Perry Cemetery Naler Cemetery Old Perry Cemetery Bethany Cemetery Riesel Graveyard Meier Settlement Goshen Cemetery New Hope Cemetery Sunset Cemetery Nazare Cemetery St. John's Cemetery Spring Hill Cemetery Criswell Cemetery Zion Cemetery Warner Cemetery Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Springhill United Methodist Cemetery Santa Cruz Cemetery Friedens Cemetery New Hope Baptist Cemetery Robinson Cemetery St. Pauls Memorial Cemetery Rosomund Cemetery Chapel Hill Memorial Park Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens Mt. Olive Cemetery Fletcher Cemetery Lanes Chapel Memorial Cemetery Old Rock Church Cemetery Old Valley Mills Cemetery Scrutchfield Cemetery Valley Mills Cemetery Oakwood Cemetery Rosemound Cemetery Greenwood Cemetery First Street Cemetery Waco Memorial Cemetery Restland Cemetery Doris Miller Memorial Park Cemetery Rosemound Garden of Memories Cemetery Zion Hill Cemetery Pleasant Grove Cemetery Higginbotham Cemeteries of Tx Holy Cross Cemetery Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Hebrew Rest Cemetery Concord Cemetery Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery Historic Cobbs- Walker Cemetery McLennan County Restland Cemetery Temple Rodef Sholom Cemetery Gholson Cemetery St Marys Cemetery Bold Springs Cemetery West Brethren Cemetery Closner Cemetery Liberty Grove Cemetery Wortham Bend Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Navarro County?
    Lone Oak Cemetery Rose Hill Cemetery White Church Cemetery Dawson Cemetery Antioch Cemetery Battle Creek Burial Ground Britton Dawson Family Cemetery Dover Cemetery Garner Family Cemetery Lawrence Cemetery Liberty Hill Cemetery Spring Hill Cemetery McLain Cemetery Boardtree Cemetery Hagle Cemetery Pevehouse Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Robertson County?
    Bremond Cemetery St. Mary's Cemetery Clover Leaf Rest Cemetery Walnut Cemetery Bethelehem Cemetery Harper Cemetery Heard's Prairie Cemetery Macedonia Cemetery Mustang Prairie Cemetery Rhodes Chapel Cemetery White Rock Cemetery Wooten Wells Cemetery Greater Riverside Cemetery/ St. Mark's Cemetery/ Hearne Colored Cemetery Norwood Cemetery Red Hill Cemetery St. Mary's Cemetery San Jose Cemetery Suggs Cemetery
  • What cemeteries do you service in Williamson County?
    Gerald Cemetery
  • Help! The Cemetery in which I want service is not listed?
    Don't worry! Please let us know where your loved one resides, and we will let you know if we can do a custom order. Please email or use this form to receive a quote.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Because of the nature of our business, we do not accept returns nor give refunds, once an order is placed and delivered, the service is completed.
  • Do you create custom orders?
    We would love to create a custom order for you, please email or use this form to receive a quote.
  • What is the Angel Program?
    The Angel Program is designed for you to order your loved ones flowers once and know they are taken care of for the entire year. This must be purchased in addition to a regular flower delivery or gravesite cleaning.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Yes! If you place an order for multiple loved ones at the same cemetery you will be given a 10% discount. Please email to receive the discount code. This is exclusive to you.
  • What is so special about our vase bouquet holders?
    It is a patient flower holder that attaches around any size bouquet to fit in a standard size cemetery vase. It is perfect for windy locations.
  • What is the difference between the small and large arrangements?
    The height and the number of flowers it contains.
  • How long do your products last?
    The dyes used in the manufacturing process are ultraviolet resistant and the silk material has been treated to prevent color bleeding when it gets wet. These high-quality arrangements are designed for withstanding the weather and should last 3-4 months in direct sunlight. Sometimes they do last longer but it depends on the color and conditions of the environment they are in. We recommend changing them with the seasons.
  • What is a potted silk arrangement?
    A potted silk arrangement is designed for a gravesite that does not have a vase. It is usually placed on the ground in front of the marker. Each pot weighs approximately five pounds so the wind does not blow it over.
  • What is a saddle arrangement?
    A saddle arrangement is designed to go on top of the monument. The "legs" of the saddle are adjustable to fit the size of the monument.
  • What is a niche?
    Columbarium niches, or cremation niches, are the compartments within the columbarium that hold a person's cremated remains. Niches may vary in size but are typically large enough to hold at least one urn or other container of ashes. There is also typically a plaque and a place to include flowers or memorial items.
  • What do you use to deep clean my loved one’s headstone?
    We only use appropriate tools, D2 cleaning solution, and a light water sprayer. This process is extremely time-consuming and takes a strong attention to detail. After cleaning the monument will continue to lighten over the next several months. It is very important to hire someone to clean your loved one’s headstones because any chemicals, acid, toothpaste, dyes in brushes or sponges, or even a power washer will damage the headstone. We only use appropriate tools, D2 cleaning solution which was created by headstone conservators for headstone conservators and is the cleaner of choice by The Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Association cleaning more than 3 million veterans’ headstones a year.
  • How long will my headstone stay clean after having it deep cleaned by My Cemetery Angel?
    There is no exact answer. There are too many variables like the amount of sunlight, and moisture around the feature. We have seen as short as one year and as many as eight before a headstone needs a deep cleaning again. The more often a gravestone is cleaned, the longer it will last over time.
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