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If we must travel to the site to quote your cleaning the deposit ($60 in McLennan and $70 outside McLennan) deposit is non-refundable. I will be in contact to discouss the trip charge.


If we do not have to travel, the deposit will go towards your final price. Typically, our rate for deep cleanings is between $200- $600 depending on size, detail, and time needed to clean the headstone. If we have photos, we can usually determine which option works best.


We can bundle and save if you are interested in pricing out two quotes at the same cemetery. We restore your deeply aged and worn loved ones burial site. As a gravesite conservator, we only use soft brushes and gentle cleaners, such as water or a non-ionic cleaner (neutral pH of 7). We never use wire brushes, power washers, or harsh cleaners, such as bleach. Deep cleaning removes any algae, mold, mildew, lichens, and air pollutants. This also includes scrubbing the headstone to remove any dirt, trimming grass, removing any dirt, trimming of grass, removing weeds, and unwanted plants outside Mclennan County within the counties listed below. We are not able to do any headstones that are broken, or about to fall.


NOTE: Please head to the FAQ section to determine if we service your desired cemetery. Bell / Bosque / Coryell / Ellis / Falls / Freestone / Hill / Limestone / McLennan / Navarro / Robertson / Williamson The result may vary from photos.


Each gravesite will appear different in end result. If you have any specific requests, please use the form below, or contact us at 254-307-2554 or

Gravesite Cleaning & Restoration Quote

  • Because of the nature of our business, we do not accept returns nor give refunds, once an order is placed and delivered, the service is completed

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